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Before Printing You Must Download & Install Printing Software

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  2. Problems Printing Coupons – Troubleshooting Guide
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  4. Each printable coupon has a unique security number.
Before Printing You Must Download & Install Printing Software

I have printed bunches of coupons from online sites, but have never been told to download any kind of program first. If you cannot just click and print it, don't do it!!

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Hi, Some stores won't take coupons printed off a computer. Ask the stores first. Hi, I weekly get 2 Sunday papers delivered. There are 3 in the Pittsburgh area. The first comes after midnight Saturday night Sunday morning. We look at the coupons and decide if they are good enough to buy extra papers. If so, Sunday we go buy others.

If it is something that I can use 10 to 20 coupons of, I check Ebay and buy some more of maybe just one or two things, or others depending on what's on sale in the supermarket specials. Ad I have searches for products for coupons that I save on my favorites list. I think I have about 20 searches saved for favorite products. Knowing what is on sale for the coming week helps save the most. If you are going to download software for coupon printing, I would have new or updated spyware program on my computer and run it after I printed things.

I have downloaded some of the programs to print coupons online and have had no problems spyware, viruses or trojans. Just make sure it's a site that can be trusted.

I get coupons regularly from coupons. Before you download a program Another bit of advice I've noticed That's something to check into unless you have a place that doubles or triples them. And, just like a previous poster said, check with the store Ad Good luck! Misty :. You can also join freecycle and put in a request for extra coupons. I've seen people offering them in my local group.

Coupon printing help needed | Welcome to the Homesteading Today Forum and Community!

One other suggestion for coupons is if you know your newspaper carriers, ask them if they have any leftover papers that you could have the coupons from. Thanks all! I think I have AVG at home. Just one question though what are the other sites for coupons that doesn't ask you to install programs?

Problems Printing Coupons – Troubleshooting Guide

Coz coupons. Thanks again all for all your advice Oh, I print coupons all the time. Its fine. You want to make sure you're doing it from accepted manufacturers sites. Typically the address to get the coupons will be bricks. Otherwise, Coupons. Oh, and in Illinois Jewel typically takes them.

I have problems sometimes with Dominicks. Ultra doesn't take them. I am looking more more sites to print manufacturers coupons. I am trying to find free access,without needing a local zip, since none offer coupons in our area. Here's some coupon sites: coupons. If you have an area nearby that you shop that uses coupons, use that zip code in your coupon requests.

I have found that there are restaurants that offer coupons that I normally would not get due to my zip code but do frequent, so I use their zip code in my requests.

Select your state to find local deals

Does anyone know where you can get good coupons online? I have found some at smartsource. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love this site and if you join her mailing list there are coupons in the newsletter that she doesn't put on the website.

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Going to most company websites and signing up for newsletter, future special offers or promotional offers really are worth the trouble of signing up for. Most times you are able to find a company's website by looking on a package made by that company. Why has Kroger quit accepting computer generated coupons? As more and more advertising is moving online, even weekly store coupons are often readily available there as well. This is a page about finding Sunday newspaper coupons online.

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SmartSource said it was considering doing the same. But RedPlum held firm. So what prompted the change of heart? When asked, Valassis representatives pondered the question for a week, but have not yet offered an answer. Some RedPlum visitors have been complaining about receiving error messages, or just plain unresponsiveness, when trying to download and use the new Print Home software.

RedPlum has posted installation instructions here. The dirty little secret that many coupon users print while on the job, is what has given SmartSource pause about ditching Java for a downloadable applet, as RedPlum has done. Most printing activity on SmartSource. Requiring a customized plugin would prevent many of those users from printing at all, so Java remained the best alternative. But now, SmartSource is working on an even better idea. SmartSource hopes to have the new system in place later this year. Of course, it would be nice if you could just print coupons without the need for special software at all.

Each printable coupon has a unique security number.

But coupon providers do have to implement security measures, to prevent users from printing more than the standard two coupon prints per computer. Otherwise, the free for all of unlimited coupon prints that would likely result, would make this whole Java thing seem like not such a bad idea after all. Every single time I try to print a coupon I have to download and run a new program. Will not be using them again. Fortunately, RedPlum rarely has anything worth printing anyway.

I tried to print Redplum.